Summer is nearly here. Therefore, hot, humid weather is just around the corner. During these hot months, it’s important for HVAC units to keep running efficiently. HVAC repair and maintenance is an essential part of achieving that. Below is more information about HVAC maintenance and common problems that require repair.

Preventing HVAC RepairHVAC repair

To prevent HVAC repair, homeowners have to take a proactive approach to maintenance. Most of them don’t call HVAC contractors until their systems have problems. In most cases, however, they can avoid costly repairs with some general maintenance.

How often do homeowners need to schedule professional maintenance for their HVAC units? In general, it’s a good idea to do it twice a year. Moreover, spring and fall are the best times to have HVAC contractors perform maintenance. Doing so prepares the equipment for the hot and cold temperatures to come.

What Homeowners Can Do to Prevent Unnecessary Repairs

Besides general maintenance, homeowners can do many things to keep their HVAC systems working longer. First, it’s important to keep them clean. Most people never pay attention to the exteriors of the units. However, it’s vital to keep them free of debris that obstructs airflow.

It’s crucial to keep the indoor registers and vents clean as well. Specifically, dirty vents make it hard for air to circulate throughout the home. When the equipment has to work harder to circulate air, it burns itself out quickly. Furthermore, cleaning these vents improves indoor air quality.

Another simple, but necessary step is to change the air filters every 30-to-90 days. A clogged filter makes it hard for HVAC units to suck in air, which decreases efficiency. In fact, the filter types that homeowners buy and how often their systems run determines how frequently they should install replacements. To improve indoor air quality, choose filters that catch pollen and household allergens.

Lastly, homeowners should keep pests and insects out of their homes. Believe it or not, critters cause a lot of problems for HVAC systems. They also have a very negative impact on air quality inside houses.

Most Common Problems That HVAC Units Face

Even when homeowners follow the tips above, HVAC equipment can run into problems. One of the most common is refrigerant leaks. The refrigerant is what allows the HVAC system to cool. However, it may leak as parts of the unit deteriorates with age.

Leaking refrigerant is bad for the environment and prevents the equipment from cooling. However, keep in mind that HVAC units don’t always run out of refrigerant because of a leak. Sometimes they simply need more because they’re old and ran out.

Another reason why some HVAC systems don’t cool correctly is because of improper drainage. During humid weather, they produce a lot of condensation. In fact, it’s a normal part of the operation, so they have drainage pipes.

Sometimes, however, these pipes clog and prevent the water from draining. The buildup of water causes HVAC units to shut off on their own as a safety feature.

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