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Ductless Systems in Montgomery County, PA

You need to have ductwork to have a heater and air conditioner, right? Not necessarily. Ductless systems are effective systems that are gaining popularity because they are able to effectively provide comfort to your home in Montgomery County, PA. Ductless systems are able to offer you reliable heating and cooling to keep the temperatures in your home just right while saving you the trouble of needing to install or maintain ducts.

Whether you are interested in upgrading to a ductless system, or you need a reliable team to keep your ductless system working, you can rely on us to help. Our team of trained and certified professional technicians can offer premier service for all your ductless HVAC needs. From installation to replacement, we will always provide excellent air conditioning and  heating services you can trust.

Contact Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc. to enjoy “Quality Work & Professional Services” today.

Ductless Systems

Understanding a ductless system, also known as a ductless mini split, is a good idea because it reinforces the importance of providing expert care for this home comfort unit. Unlike other systems, ductless mini splits operate by transferring or moving heat by cycling refrigerant rather than creating warm or cold air. This means it can move heat out of your home in summer or into your house during winter.

Just this simple explanation highlights how great ductless systems are. It should also show you why professional services, such as ductless HVAC installation and ductless HVAC repair services are so important. A great system needs quality service to keep it running. Learn more about how our ductless services can help you stay comfortable.

Ductless HVAC Installation

While your ductless heating and air conditioning system may not require ductwork, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t require expert ductless HVAC installation. The installation service you give your ductless unit sets the tone for its operational efficiency and effectiveness—along with determining how long it will be until you require a ductless HVAC replacement.

Give your ductless system a good start but scheduling your installation service with us. Our certified, licensed and insured technicians will make sure your ductless mini split is sized correctly and installed right the first time around. Get a head start to year-round comfort in Montgomery County, PA today when you schedule your installation with Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Ductless HVAC Repair

Do you know how you can tell when your ductless system needs ductless HVAC repair services? While ductless HVAC maintenance can reduce how often your need repairs, it won’t completely replace the need for them. This is why you need to be able to tell when the time comes to schedule a fix. If you don’t already know what the signs are, now is a good time to find out, before your system breaks down during a time when you need it the most. Indicators include:

  • Your system won’t turn on, or is short cycling
  • Your ductless heating system isn’t offering any warmth.
  • You can hear loud noises such as hissing, rattling, or screeching.

The next time you need repairs, maintenance, or even a replacement for your ductless mini split system, don’t hesitate or delay. Just click or call to schedule a visit from one of our professional technicians.

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