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Repiping Services in Montgomery County, PA

Maybe you have a home with exceedingly old plumbing in it. Or perhaps due to some extenuating circumstances your pipes have taken the battering of a lifetime. In either case, you may need pipe repair or even pipe replacement services.

There is little point in attempting to salvage piping in your home that is too damaged or deteriorated to function properly. This will only leave you disappointed and likely struggling to handle increasing instances of water damage. Instead, consider working with us to get your pipes into the shape you need for them to do their job. Whether it is repairs, replacements, or even a small amount of home repiping, you can rely on Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc. for all your plumbing service needs..

Contact our team for “Quality Work & Professional Services.” Serving Montgomery County, PA for over 15 years.

Pipe Repair

It is never a good feeling to put two and two together only to realize that the ever-running water meter and the bad water pressure indicate a leak somewhere in your pipes. Thankfully though, you know that our team of master plumbers is only a click or call away when you need pipe or drain repair services.

When you reach out to us for assistance, one of our plumbers will arrive at your door ready to assess and address the issue. This means that they will have the equipment to locate the problem area and the tools to get the leak fixed as quickly as possible. Don’t run the risk of increased damage, contact us today for your plumbing repairs in Montgomery County, PA.

Pipe Replacement

Sometimes your pipes may have sustained a little too much damage. When this happens and repairs are no longer an option, pipe replacement becomes the next step in the journey to get your plumbing back on track. With our professional assistance, your old, damage pipes will be removed, and we will get your new pipe installation underway.

Pipe replacements and pipe installation services are always a job for the professionals so make sure you work with the professionals you can rely on. Discover why we are known as a premier service provider throughout the county by contacting our team.


How old are the pipes and drains in your home? Maybe you have relatively news pipes in one part of your home but there is another area where the pipes are severely worn down—and they have begun to leak quite a bit. When you have aged pipes, sometimes even a pipe replacement can’t give you the result you need. That is why you want to discuss repiping with your Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc. plumber.

Whole house repiping is a job that we will work hard to tackle because we know that you need your pipes and drains in operational order. The best part about a professional repiping service is that you will get the peace of mind knowing your pipes will be brand new and will last for a long while. Contact us today to get started.

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