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Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement in Montgomery County, PA

Are you finally ready to ditch the army of fans and window unit air conditioners and schedule an air conditioning installation? Whether you’re going to go with a central air conditioning unit or a heat pump, you should make sure that you start your system out on the right foot with professional installation services.

Scheduling your air conditioning services with Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is a guarantee that your system will be installed correctly and sized right, so it will run at peak efficiency. Certified, licensed, and insured, the HVAC technicians on our team are experts at what they do and will make sure they keep your system running until the time comes for an AC replacement.

Contact us now to set up your air conditioning installation service in Montgomery County, PA. “Quality Work & Professional Services” since 2001.

Central Air Conditioning Installation

A central air conditioning system has a lot of parts that aren’t to be handled by anyone other than a pro. With that in mind, it probably goes without saying that your central AC installation should be done by a trained professional. Only an expert HVAC technician like the ones on our team will be able to properly complete your AC installation, including sizing and making sure your ductwork is set up correctly.

When your central AC system eventually needs a central AC replacement, we can handle that too. Whether you want to keep your central cooling system, or switch to a heat pump or a ductless option, you can rest assured that our techs will get the job done right. We are known around Montgomery County, PA for our professional service.

Heat Pump Installation

When you reach out to us for heat pump installation, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a comfort system that provides custom cooling in the summer, and even warmth in the winter. Heat pumps simply move heat rather than creating cold air, making them highly energy efficient as well as versatile. When you choose to schedule heat pump installation, whether it is for a ducted system or a ductless one, you will be able to enjoy comfort year-round thanks to our professional services.

When you opt for a ductless AC installation for your heat pump, you can enjoy the same amount of comfort without needing to install ductwork if you don’t have it. You can even have a heat pump installed with existing ducts. As long as the installation is done by a professional, your heat pump system will keep you cool until it is time for a heat pump replacement.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Whether you have a central air conditioner or a ductless heat pump, your cooling system will one day need to be retired and replaced. When that time comes, your first goal should be to reach out to a professional to discuss air conditioning replacement done by a trained technician.

From the time you realize you need an AC replacement; our team will be with you every step of the way; everything from choosing your central AC or ductless replacement unit through the day of installation. Contact Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc. today to get your cooling system back on track.

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