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Water Heater Services in Montgomery County and Surrounding Areas

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Your water heater isn’t just for your comfort. It’s there for your health and safety. Because it’s an integral part of your daily life, you deserve to have your water heater installation handled by the Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc. professionals. We’ll ensure everything is up to the Platinum standard so you can keep using your water heater without worry.

  • 24/7 Emergency Water Heater Service Available
  • Certified Technicians and Plumbers
  • The Platinum Standard in Plumbing Services

Good water heaters last for years, and that can be extended by excellent service. From water heater installation to repairs and maintenance, the pros at Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc. are ready to help make your water heater last for the duration. Ensuring that your water heater is in top form is our top priority.

Learn how to choose the right water heater for your home using our comprehensive guide.

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Water Heater Installation and Water Heater Replacement

Are you considering switching your water heater out for a new tankless water heater unit? Or maybe you need to schedule a water heater replacement so you can organize a professional water heater installation for a new version of the same tank water heater? Whether you are trying something new or sticking with your usual system, we can help.

Our plumbing professionals can offer you the best in water heater installation services, along with water heater replacement services, whether your need to replace your system tomorrow or 15 years down the line. Don’t trust an amateur with this vital service, work with our team of trained and experienced individuals to ensure that you have access to a reliable source of hot water.

Water Heater Maintenance

If you want your water heater to do its job reliably, scheduling regular water heater maintenance in Montgomery County and Surrounding Areas is one of the best things that you can do for it. Once-a-year maintenance appointments can make a huge difference in how well your system operates and can reduce its need for repairs. Maintenance can even lengthen its lifespan!

The key to getting effective service is to make sure that you schedule your tank water heater maintenance with a professional. The same applies to your tankless system too! If you haven’t scheduled maintenance for this system within the last year, contact Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc. to get it done now.

Water Heater Repair in Montgomery County and Surrounding Areas

Sometimes it can be tough to determine when your water heater is in need of water heater repair services. Knowing when to reach out for water heater repair in Montgomery County and Surrounding Areas is important to maintaining your comfort all year long. These are some warning signs to watch for:

  • Your water fluctuates in temperature
  • There is a weakened flow of water
  • The color of your hot water is rusty or red
  • Your hot water tank rumbles while in use

These are just some of the symptoms that indicate when you should consider setting up water heater repairs. Whether you have an electric tank water heater, a gas tank water heater, or a tankless system, we can assess its condition and get it fixed so it works like new again. Reach out today to schedule a visit with one of our plumbing pros in Montgomery County and Surrounding Areas.

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