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Sewer Line Installation and Repair in Montgomery County, PA

Having a sewer line that needs sewer line repair is never something to ignore or brush off. After all, leave the issue long enough and the smell will end up being just as big of an issue as the repair. Your sewer line plays an important role in many parts of your life, such as bathing, washing clothes and using the toilet. A problem with your sewer line is worth a call to the professional plumbers at Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Our team is committed to providing excellent care and expert service to each and every one of our customers. We have been providing premier plumbing services, including services for drain and sewer lines, to Montgomery County, PA and Montgomery County since 2001.

“Quality Work & Professional Services,” guaranteed. Contact us for help with your sewer line today.

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer line repair is no easy feat, which is exactly why, if your sewer line does need some sewer line maintenance, it is a job best left to professional plumbers like ours. Amateur service creates a risk for additional damage and an early sewer line replacement. It is a good idea to understand what the signs are that indicate this service is needed. Keep an eye out for the following warning signs:

  • Puddles and excessive greenery: Underground leaks from your sewer line will produce puddles in your yard. Because of the contents in the wastewater, it will actually act as a fertilizer to your grass, creating an incredibly green lawn which might seem pretty but is actually a big problem.
  • Slow drains: One clogged drain is problematic. Having drains that are all seemingly clogged at the same time however is a sign that the issue goes deeper than the pipes beneath your sink—it means that there is a blockage or a growing clog within your sewer line that must be cleared ASAP.
  • Stinky smells: Last and most certainly not least, the smell that a bad sewer line produces are something hard to ignore. Sewer line leaks will create the smell of raw sewage that anyone can recognize.

If a sewer line has taken on enough damage, you may need to consider a sewer line installation to replace the bad line. Contact us to learn more.

Sewer Line Maintenance

If sewer lines will eventually need repair and sewer line replacement, maintenance services can make a difference in how soon these services are needed. Maintenance can start shortly after sewer line installation occurs. This service helps to maintain the wellbeing of your sewer pipe, allowing it to stay clean, clear and structurally intact for as long as possible.

Reach out to Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc. today to schedule your sewer line maintenance in Montgomery County, PA. We’re the ones you can count on when you want quality work.

Sewer Line Installation

Maybe a tree decided that its roots belong in your sewer line. Or perhaps your sewer line has accrued too much damage between the pressure from rocks and dirt on the outside and harmful contents on the inside. Whatever the cause, when you need a sewer line replacement, it is followed shortly with a sewer line installation.

Trust us, you can’t go without a sewer line. It’s not an option. And because your sewer line is so important, you should make sure that you are only working with professionals to get your sewer line installation done. Give your sewer line a great start by working with our team.

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