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Ready for Warmer Weather? Make Sure Your HVAC System Is as Well With Maintenance


While you’re gearing up for spring, getting ready to go out and enjoy the not-so-frigid weather, admiring the blooming flowers … don’t forget that summer is not really that far away. There are some things you’ll need to do to prepare for the summer heat, and HVAC maintenance for your air conditioner should be at the top of your list. 

Schedule Maintenance Right Away

It might seem like you can put AC maintenance off for a bit, but we strongly urge you to schedule the appointment now. For one thing, your technician’s schedule will be more open, and you’ll be able to find a time that easily fits into your spring calendar. And for another, if your technician determines that your air conditioner needs a replacement part or extensive repair, there’ll be time to schedule that, too. 

The AC Maintenance Process

First, your technician will clean your air conditioner, both the indoor and the outdoor unit. Then they’ll apply lubricant to any moving parts that require it. They’ll inspect each and every component to make sure it’s in good condition and in alignment. And then they’ll go through a testing process for electrical components like the blower motor and the thermostat, recalibrating them if necessary.

Benefits of AC Maintenance

With all the dust and grime cleaned away, your air conditioner will have better air circulation. With moving parts like the bearings in the blower motor lubricated, excess friction will be avoided. With good airflow and low friction, your air conditioner will have an easier time running, so it will consume less energy and accumulate less wear and tear.

AC maintenance doesn’t just improve efficiency and effectiveness. It also radically reduces the chances that you’ll be needing repairs in the coming season. If maintenance is done every year, the entire AC system could last twice as many years as it would with no maintenance. And if your unit is under warranty, maintenance done by a professional will help keep it that way.

When Maintenance Should Be Performed

It’s ideal if a system is maintained just before the time when it will be under the most strain. For a furnace, that means you should have it maintained in the fall, before you turn it on for the first cold wintry day. For an air conditioner, spring maintenance is best. But the most important thing is that it be done every year—the exact timing is less critical.

If you have a heat pump, keep in mind that it is doing the work of a furnace and an air conditioner. This means that it should be maintained twice a year, in spring and fall, in order to keep up that impressive efficiency which is probably the reason you got a heat pump in the first place.

When you’re ready for AC maintenance—or any other HVAC service in Ambler, PA—we’re ready to help you out.

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