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Why There Are Cold Spots in Your House When the Furnace Is Running?

Monday, December 18th, 2023

If your furnace is chugging along, your whole house should be warm, right? But what if it isn’t? Sometimes, cold spots can occur. This is when some parts of your home are perfectly cozy, but some stay chilly no matter what you do. If there are cold spots in your home that your furnace just isn’t managing to heat, here’s what you should know.

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Rust on Your Water Heater: Does That Mean It Must Be Replaced?

Monday, December 4th, 2023

Your water heater is critical to your comfort. Cold showers are no fun, especially during the chillier times of year, and cold water doesn’t do a great job getting the dishes clean. So when you notice that something is wrong with your water heater, even if it hasn’t totally failed to produce hot water yet, you need to get it sorted out right away.

If the problem that you’ve noticed is rust, you may be seriously concerned. Rust can be a sign that your water heater is ready for retirement. But are repairs possible? While rust on your water heater can mean it’s time to replace it, there’s a chance that all you need is repair. We’ll spell out the details for you.

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