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What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency

Monday, October 23rd, 2023

The most important thing to do in any sort of emergency is, of course, the hardest thing to do: don’t panic! Becoming frantic and rushing can actually slow us down and make it more difficult to take any kind of steps to mitigate the disaster. 

Plumbing catastrophes are extremely stressful. Although they are pretty rare, chances are, you’ll have to deal with one at some point in your life. The best way to avoid panic in a plumbing emergency is to have a plan. If you’re armed with this knowledge, you’ll be ready when disaster strikes. 

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Is This a Plumbing Emergency?

Monday, November 7th, 2022

Most homeowners are not plumbers. The average person is probably capable of plunging a clogged toilet and tightening the bolts on a loose fixture, but not much more. This is perfectly reasonable! There are so many fields of knowledge in the world that we can’t possibly be experts at everything. And just as you would see a doctor for a medical emergency, you can always reach out to a plumber for a plumbing emergency. But we may have a much clearer idea of what constitutes a medical emergency. If there’s a problem with your plumbing, how do you determine whether it’s an actual emergency?

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