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Ways Your AC Warns You of Problems With Sounds


With many complex systems, one of the first clues when something goes wrong is that the sound the system makes has changed. If you’ve ever noticed a click, clunk, or rattle when you’re driving your car that it never made before, you understand what we’re talking about. Air conditioners do the same thing. When issues develop, more often than not, they cause the AC unit to make surprising noises. How can you tell what the noises mean? Read on, and we’ll tell you.


Oh, no! Are there bees in there? Probably not. But don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet. A buzzing noise coming from an appliance is often the sound of electrical arcing, which is just what it sounds like: electricity jumping from one spot to another in wiring or circuitry, looking like a curve of lightning. Because this type of issue is very dangerous and can cause electrical shock or a house fire, turn the power off to the unit and get AC repair in West Chester, PA right away.


If your air conditioner’s cooling cycle starts up with a boom, this is called hard starting. It’s a sign of something straining the compressor. Since this is the most critical and least replaceable component, you don’t want to let it get any worse. It’s time for repairs.


This sound can be made by a loose component, most likely a fan, that is wobbling or rattling against something rather than secured tightly in place. A technician can determine whether the repair could be as simple as tightening a screw, but even replacing the fan is a minor repair. Letting it keep rattling loose until it flies free and hits another component, however, could lead to a major—and costly—repair.


Again, this could be a very easy fix, but if it’s not done promptly, something could come loose and damage something else. In this case, what’s probably coming loose, stretching out, or possibly even tearing, is the belt which connects the motor to the fan. You definitely don’t want that flapping around in there!


This is the sound of something gaseous escaping from where it should be contained. Maybe it’s air seeping through a crack in your ductwork. But maybe it’s refrigerant being lost from a damaged or worn section of your air conditioner’s coils. Refrigerant leaks are serious business. First, without enough refrigerant, your air conditioner can’t provide cooling. Second, insufficient refrigerant puts a lot of strain on the compressor, and as we already discussed, that is one component that you really do not want to damage. Refrigerant leaks may also cause ice on the evaporator coils or a sweet, chemical smell. Regardless, get it checked out right away.

As you can see, putting off repairs can often lead to small issues becoming very big problems. So when you hear your air conditioner making a worrisome noise, don’t delay!

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