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What’s Up With My AC?

How often have you thought about your AC unit this year? Most people don’t give their units a thought until the heat waves start rolling in. Unfortunately, if your unit isn’t doing well, you’ll be in line with a lot of other people looking for air conditioning repair in Montgomery County, PA!

With warmer temperatures coming, AC units might need a bit of TLC for various reasons. They might be clogged or dirty and running a dirty unit can overwork it and eventually cause damage.

Plus, most people don’t keep up on AC maintenance during the winter. The same thing that happens to a poorly maintained car engine can happen to an AC motor. It just won’t run smoothly after being idle for so long.

When you do start using your AC, be kind to the system to help it last longer and be more energy-efficient. Here are a few tips for improving your AC efficiency.

1. Choose Mild Temperatures

Yes, it’s sweltering outside but that doesn’t mean that you have to crank the AC up enough to make an indoor icebox. Some people go overboard with that thermostat and put way too much stress on their AC units.

Drop the temperature by a few degrees and wear a tank top and comfy pair of shorts. The drier indoor air will help your body stay cooler (and be less sticky) anyway, you don’t need icy blasts of air blowing around the house.

2. Upgrade Your Thermostat

To build on our last point, it also isn’t necessary to keep your house super cool when nobody is home. Thermostats are programable so you can set your AC unit to kick on just before you get home.

What if you don’t have a regular schedule?

Upgrade to a smart thermostat! Then, you can connect it to your phone and control your AC unit from wherever you are. You can also pick a set schedule or let the thermostat detect when there are people at home and kick on automatically.

3. Schedule Maintenance

Perhaps the most important thing you can do is schedule maintenance at the start of the season. Going easy on your unit is great, but it will still have negative effects if it isn’t in tiptop shape.

Professional maintenance pays for itself several times over. Properly maintained AC units last several years longer and use less energy than dirty units or ones with motor issues.

Since buying a whole new unit is rather expensive, we know it is something you’d rather avoid. Plus, you get to enjoy lower energy bills all summer long!

Prepping Your Unit for Summer

Before you put your AC unit to work this summer, give it a little professional TLC. You and your AC unit will be so thankful!

Looking for air conditioning repair in Montgomery County, PA? We’re the team you should call for this work. We’re ready to help you prepare for the high heat that’s to come for the rest of summer.

Contact Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc. today to schedule an appointment with our pros.

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