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The Most Common Causes of Clogged Drains


It is thoroughly unpleasant to have a clogged drain in your home. Whether you’re standing ankle-deep while you’re trying to take a shower, or your kitchen smells like dirty dishwater because your sink is full of it, this is not something you want to have to deal with. The best way to avoid clogged drains is to know how they happen. Most clogged drains are caused by one of these things. Lower the risk that it’ll happen to you! 

Kitchen Grease

Fat might wash down the drain as a liquid, but once it cools, it’ll be as solid as a stick of butter down there, blocking your drains. Make sure to wipe down your greasy dishes with a paper towel before putting them in the sink.

Food Scraps

If you don’t have a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink, you absolutely cannot let food scraps go down the drain. Use a sink strainer to catch any bits before they contribute to a clog. (And even if you have a garbage disposal, be cautious about what you put down it. Your owner’s manual will have detailed instructions.)


Hair is solid stuff that takes a very long time to biodegrade. Stop it from going down your shower drain with a simple mesh drain cover.

Soap Scum

If you’ve ever failed to clean your shower for a little too long, you know exactly what soap scum is and how solidly it can stick to things. When it builds up inside your plumbing it can gradually narrow the pipes and cause slow draining until one final bit—or a clump of hair—causes the drain to be blocked entirely. Don’t let it get that far! The mesh drain cover will help somewhat. You can also pour very hot water down your drain occasionally to help loosen up the scum. Baking soda and vinegar cause a fizz that can help scour the pipes. And some people like to clean their shower drains with ammonia, but be sure to keep the space well-ventilated if you do this, and don’t use it at the same time as any other cleaning product, even vinegar but especially anything containing bleach, because that will create toxic gases.

Mineral Scaling

Hard water is water that has a higher-than-usual mineral content. These minerals will settle out or cling to your plumbing just a tiny bit at a time until there’s a significant buildup. If your water is very hard, you might consider a water softening system. If the scaling has gotten to the point where it slows or clogs your drains, hydro jetting can clear it away with nothing more than high-pressure water: no chemicals needed.

Foreign Objects

Make sure nothing but water, human waste, and toilet paper go down your drains! Dental floss, cigarette butts, “flushable” wipes, hygiene products, paper towels, or sneaky kitchen items like plastic straws can all cause major drain problems. Be especially vigilant if you have a small child who loves to flush the toilet!

If you do develop drain clogs in West Chester, PA, get professional plumbing assistance right away, and get it resolved before the problem gets any worse.

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