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Don’t Ignore These Heat Pump Problems

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If you have a heat pump, then you know how great these systems are. There isn’t another heating or cooling system that can match this system’s eco-friendliness or energy-efficiency. Although these systems are great, they can run into trouble just like any other HVAC system. 

Luckily, our team members are here if you need proper heat pump repair in Montgomery County, PA. We know how to get you prompt service that’s effective as well. We care about the services we perform and we make sure our quality is the best of the best. We want to make sure that you get the proper service the first time.

Troubles You Might Notice from Your Heat Pump

Here are a few things you might notice coming from your home’s heat pump. When you do notice these problems, it’s important to schedule an appointment with our professionals for heat pump repair services. 

The Dreaded Dirty Sock Smell

While heat pumps are great, they do have a notorious issue that’s quite unpleasant–it’s the dreaded dirty sock smell. You read that right. Sometimes, your heat pump can operate and start to smell like a locker room. When this happens, you’re likely having issues with condensation on your coils somewhere within your system. We’re prepared to help you get past this with our repair services. 

Cycling Issues

Have you noticed that your home’s heat pump isn’t cycling in the way you’re used to? You might notice that your heat pump is cycling in extremely short cycles or extremely long cycles. Either way this goes, it’s bad news for your entire system. Short cycling means that your heat pump is properly sized in your home. It’s likely undersized and not able to perform to the best of its ability. The same goes for any heat pump that’s oversized for the space. In either scenario, you’re going to need to have a professional work on your heat pump to get the unit back on track.

Cost Spikes

Are your heating bills astronomical this season? This isn’t something that you should notice unless you’re legitimately doing something to warrant this. Cost spikes are an issue because they point to an efficiency problem. The efficiency can be compromised by a broken part in some circumstances. If you’re struggling, then we suggest getting repair work from our professionals. 

Heating or Cooling Issues

Since heat pumps both heat and cool, it’s important to note any heating or cooling issues that you might have in your home. Since we’re in the middle of winter now, we’ll focus on heating problems. If you’ve had trouble getting your home warm, keeping it warm, or you’re noticing uneven heating throughout your space, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with our professionals. Repair work is vital when you’re having troubles.

Odd Sounds

Does your heater make odd sounds when it runs? You might hear things like squeaking, scraping, rattling, and more. Anything that goes on like this is an issue that you should schedule an appointment with a professional for. 

Contact Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc. today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. 

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