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What Happens If You Ignore Heater Repairs for Too Long


Spring is coming! It might still be cold now, but it won’t be long before there will be more mud than snow, and soon after that, you won’t be needing your heater for quite a while. So what about the repairs that you think your heater might need? Can you put them off in hopes that it’ll keep running until spring?

Don’t do it! Delaying heating repairs can cause major problems that you really, really don’t want to deal with. What kind of problems, you ask? We’re happy to explain.

More Damaged Components

One of the biggest concerns about continuing to run a heater that’s in need of repair is that the existing problem can cause damage to more components. Here are some examples.

  • The Motor Bearings: If your heater is making a grinding or groaning noise, it could be because the motor bearings have worn down. The bearings themselves can be replaced, resolving the problem completely with an inexpensive part. Operating the heater with worn-down bearings instead of seeking repair can cause damage to the motor itself. When you do finally have it repaired, you’re likely to have to replace the whole motor.
  • The Belt: Many heaters have a belt that connects the motor to the fan. If that belt is starting to tear or loosen, it may make a screeching or clanking noise. The belt is a straightforward part to replace and not very costly. However, if you don’t address it before it snaps or comes free entirely, it can fly loose and cause damage to other, more expensive, components.
  • The Fan: Because the fan is constantly moving, it’s possible for it to work itself loose and begin wobbling off-kilter. This may make a rattling noise. A simple adjustment could get it back into position and keep the rest of the heater’s components safe, but a failure to fix it could lead to the fan spinning free and crashing into other parts, doing extensive damage.


When a heater is struggling with a problem, it usually has to use more energy to compensate for not running as well. This means that more gas or electricity is consumed in order to generate the same amount of heat. Paying more for the same thing is never a good deal. If you get it fixed promptly, you’d be avoiding high utility bills and doing the environment a favor. 

Heater Lifespan

Your heater works hard. Continuing to run even when it needs repairs means it’s working even harder. This causes wear and tear to a wide variety of components and puts unnecessary extra strain on the whole system. While a gas heater should last fifteen years or more, and an electric heater might even last a little over twenty, this strain can significantly shorten that lifespan. It would be a shame to have to replace the whole heater years earlier than you should, just for the lack of a brief visit with a professional for heater repair in Norristown, PA

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