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“When Should I Upgrade My Heater?”

Now that spring is officially here, it’s time to make sure that your heater is in proper working condition. Sooner than later, you’re going to push your heater to the back of your mind and focus on your air conditioner. Before you do this, it’s important to consider if your heater in Montgomery County, PA was able to serve you properly this season. If you can’t confidently say that you were able to get quality service from your heater, then it means that it’s time to consider an upgrade. 

We understand that this is a big commitment and you want to make sure that you’re doing this at the right time. This is why you’ve found our blog today! We’re going to make sure that you can recognize the signs you need an upgrade. We’re here to provide you with the replacement you need and keep your heater in shape after this. 

Key Signs You Should Upgrade

You’re not sure when you should upgrade–what are the signs? Here are a few key indicators that an upgrade is a great idea for your home. 

You’ve Had Your Heater for 10-15 Years

If you’ve had your heater for 10-15 years, your system is nearing the end of its run. Heaters are only expected to last about this long and, even with the best care, every system will need to be replaced eventually. We suggest having a plan before the system gives out. It will save you time, energy, and money when the day comes.

You’re Rarely Warm Enough

Are you having trouble getting warm? This shouldn’t be your experience as long as you have a working heater. If your heater runs and you’re not as warm as you’d like to be, then it means that you have a capacity issue. This could have come due to a decline in power over time or even a problem from the day your system was installed. Often, heaters are chosen and installed without a proper load calculation. This typically renders the system unable to properly perform for your home’s needs.

Your Heating Is Expensive

Although you’ll notice an uptick in your energy bills when you run your heater more often, you shouldn’t notice an unreasonable raise in this amount. If your heating bills are expensive and you can’t pinpoint the source of this issue, then it’s time to consider replacing your system. Running an inefficient heater is not only impractical, but it’s also labor-intensive and unnecessarily stressful.

Always Invest In Professional Service

We always want to underscore the importance of professional service. This is because professional service is what’s going to make your replacement worthwhile. You can take all the time to research the right heater, find it, and purchase it, but if you don’t have the right professionals to install your new system, then it’s not going to be worthwhile. There’s no purpose in investing in a new system without the proper care to make it great. You don’t have to search high and low for this care either. Instead, you can get in touch with our professionals for the work you need. We’re a team who has worked in the area dating back to 2001.

Contact Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc. today to schedule an appointment for your humidifier. 

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