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How an Air Purifier Can Make Your House Healthier This Winter


With cold weather closing in, and lots of indoor gatherings and holiday celebrations coming up, it’s important to take steps to reduce health risks. Everyone breathing the same recirculated air can mean that all sorts of irritants, allergens, and pathogens will be inhaled. An air purifier can drastically reduce the amount of particles of all kinds in your air, improving your health and well-being. Here’s how.

What Lurks in Your Air

The naked eye can only detect the largest particles that float around in the air. You’ll notice pet hair and specks of dust. But the things that can cause greater harm are smaller particles, because those can be breathed deeply within the respiratory system.

Respiratory symptoms can be caused by tiny particles like pollen, mold spores, volatile organic compounds released by anything from cleaning products to new furniture and carpets, and so much more. The particles left behind from wildfire smoke include truly shocking things like sulfuric acid.

Disease-causing pathogens, both viral and bacterial, can also be airborne. Did you know that particles from a sneeze can travel 26 feet? Then the germs that caused the sneeze to begin with are drawn into your HVAC system and, if you don’t have an air purifier, they’re blown back out your vents to spread the infection.

UV Air Purifiers

Ultraviolet light, at a specific frequency, is a powerful sanitizer. It breaks down single-celled organic threats like pollen, mold spores, and germs by compromising the chemical bonds that hold them together. It’s so good at this, and so safe, that it’s even used in hospitals.

A UV air purifier uses a filter to capture most of the contaminants in your air. Anything that makes it through the filter is treated with UV light. The air that will come out of your vents now will be much cleaner and safer to breathe.

Benefits of Purified Air

Your family’s health can significantly improve by breathing purified air. People who get air purifiers report amazing changes: fewer allergy symptoms and asthma attacks, fewer headaches, fewer days missing school or work due to illness. They even experience better moods and get better sleep at night.

Your home’s cleanliness will also benefit. Dust and pet hair will be caught in the filter instead of settling on surfaces. And without mold spores circulating, mold will struggle to survive in the dark or damp parts of your home. 

Another change that may surprise you is the smell. When you detect an odor, that’s because particles are making their way into your nasal passages. Yes, if you smell a litter box or sweaty socks, the bacteria that cause those odors are in your nose. Yuck! But with those bacteria being neutralized by UV light, your home will smell fresh. (And you won’t have to worry what’s up your nose anymore.) 

If you’re ready to hunker down for fall and winter and invite friends and family to gather with you, take everyone’s health seriously and get an air purifier in Chester Hills, PA.

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