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Indoor Air Quality Help for Allergy Season


It might seem like winter’s been going on for a long time. But springtime will come again, and it won’t be long. And when it does come, you know what will come with it? Allergy season. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could do something to prepare for allergy season and dramatically reduce your symptoms? You can! Get an air purifier!

Allergens in Your Air

After a long winter of being cooped up in recirculated, heated, dry air, springtime will come as a relief in some ways. You’ll want to spend more time outdoors. You’ll be delighted to throw open your windows and let some fresh air in. But with that air will come allergens, especially pollen.

The types of pollen that cause allergies are those that are lightweight and dispersed by air, including the pollen of many trees, grasses, and the plant ragweed. Pollen allergies commonly cause irritation of the eyes and nasal passages, including sneezing, runny nose or congestion, and itchy, watering eyes. 

But pollen isn’t the only thing floating around in your air that can cause allergy symptoms! Pet dander, mold spores, and dust mites (and their droppings) are all common in indoor air, and a large percentage of people are allergic to them.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

While your furnace and air conditioner have air filters, those are really for reducing the amount of large particles that get into those systems. Too many fibers and particles will increase friction and cause problems with your heating and AC systems. But they don’t really reduce the allergens in your air.

Portable air filtration or purification systems are often used in offices and classrooms these days in an attempt to eliminate germs and reduce the risk of illnesses such as COVID-19. While a small, portable unit is of great help in a small, contained space, if you live in a whole house rather than a dorm room, it won’t be enough.

Whole house air filtration or purification systems can be added to your home’s HVAC system. In the case of a filter, all the air that flows through your ductwork will be forced to pass through a filter. It will catch larger particles so they won’t keep circulating in your home’s air. But tiny particles, such as the allergens we’ve been discussing, can pass through the filter. What’s the answer? UV air purification.

UV Air Purifiers

At a certain frequency, ultraviolet light poses a major hazard to tiny, single-celled biological pathogens. The light can damage the DNA of these little irritants and prevent them from spreading, reproducing, or causing harm. A UV air purifier uses a filter to catch larger particles and then passes all the air through ultraviolet light to sanitize it. 

UV light is the same type of radiation emitted by the sun, or by tanning beds. As you probably know, extensive exposure to it is not good for your skin. How does a UV air purifier kill germs while keeping you safe? All of the light is contained within the ducts of your HVAC system. You won’t be exposed to any of it at all.

If you’re ready to meet allergy season with a clear plan for eliminating allergens and breathing easier this year, we’re ready to help you achieve that goal with a UV air purifier in Conshohocken, PA.

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