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How to Figure Out If You’ve Got a Plumbing Leak

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The frustrating think about a plumbing leak is that it’s the source problem, but it’s not always the first thing that you spot. That’s how plumbing leaks typically cause so much harm in a home. They’re able to go on unmitigated with little interference from the homeowner. In rare circumstances, we’re subbed in to handle a leak mere hours after it begins but, in most instances, it takes days to spot the leak.

We want to help you sidestep a significant amount of trouble from your home’s plumbing system. We’re going to map out some signs that you’re probably experiencing a plumbing leak in your home. Come to us for a great plumber in Pottstown, PA.

How to Spot Your Leak

These are the signs that you have a plumbing leak in your home:

Weird Odors

The first sign that you’re experiencing a leak is noticing that something smells off. You might notice a musty odor in your home and have a hard time pinpointing the source.

This can happen when you spring a leak because the leak sits, grows mold, and begins to stink. Don’t ignore any scents that you notice. They’re huge signs that you’re having a significant amount of trouble with your home.

Discoloration on Walls or Floors

Have you noticed that you have some weird spots on the walls within your home or your floors? When a plumbing system starts to leak, it’s common for there to be spots on your walls and floors from water pooling within your home. You might notice brown spots or other weird side effects from this issue.


This one might seem a little more obvious, but it’s a sign that we still notice homeowners ignoring. If you hear the sound of water rushing or moving through your home, then what you’re experiencing is a leak. Other sounds that you also could hear when this is happening are sounds like leaking or dripping. Don’t ignore any odd or new sound that you hear. Early detection could be the difference between you and a home plagued with water damage.

Water Meter Check

If you really want to put your suspicions to rest, we suggest performing this test. The first thing you’re going to want to do is turn off all your water using appliances. Then you’re going to check your water meter. If it’s still reading levels as if your home is still using water, then what you’re experiencing is a leak.

What To Do When You Realize You Have a Leak

Okay, so now you’re almost certain that you have a leak. What’s the next step.

The next step is always to call a professional. Our team members can determine with certainty that you’re experiencing a leak in your home. Then on top of this, we can craft a game plan to solve this issue. We’ll make sure that we handle the issue promptly so that you don’t experience water damage.

Contact Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc. today to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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