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What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency


The most important thing to do in any sort of emergency is, of course, the hardest thing to do: don’t panic! Becoming frantic and rushing can actually slow us down and make it more difficult to take any kind of steps to mitigate the disaster. 

Plumbing catastrophes are extremely stressful. Although they are pretty rare, chances are, you’ll have to deal with one at some point in your life. The best way to avoid panic in a plumbing emergency is to have a plan. If you’re armed with this knowledge, you’ll be ready when disaster strikes. 

Get Familiar With Your Shut-Off Valves

Your preparation begins now, before you have an emergency on your hands. Knowing how to shut off water flow will save you a lot of time if you ever have a broken pipe or fixture. And a matter of seconds makes a difference in terms of how much water damage will result from a break. A one-inch pipe can gush 210 gallons of water per minute!

Each fixture in your home should have its own shut-off valve, which is where you should start if you have a leak in that specific location. Familiarize yourself with these so that you won’t hesitate if time is of the essence.

If a fixture’s shut-off leak doesn’t stop the flow, or you have a leak that’s not at a faucet or toilet, you’ll need to shut off the water to the whole house. This shut-off valve, usually in the basement, will be on the wall facing the direction where water enters your home. This will be the street-facing wall if you have municipal water, or the wall closest to your well.

Prepare for Frozen Pipes

In Pennsylvania, frozen pipes are an ever-present winter threat. This emergency is best avoided if possible! Remove outdoor hoses in the fall, shut off the valves to those fixtures, and allow any remaining water to drain. These pipes are particularly vulnerable since they’re so close to the freezing outdoors. And never set your home’s heat below fifty degrees. 

If you do have a frozen pipe, it’s time for emergency plumbing in Eagleville, PA. And while you’re waiting for your plumber to arrive, there’s one more thing you should remember. Don’t try to thaw the pipe yourself with a hair dryer or space heater! This can change the temperature too quickly and increase the likelihood of a total rupture. 

Save Your Lost Treasures

Whether it’s your little one’s first lost tooth or great-grandma’s heirloom wedding band, precious things sometimes slip down the sink drain. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us, and we’re happy to help you retrieve it. Stop using that sink. Block it off and put up a sign with bold red letters so nobody accidentally uses it and washes your treasure farther down. And then call your reliable plumber. 

When in Doubt

If you’re not sure whether what you’re dealing with qualifies as an emergency, it’s better to err on the side of caution. We mentioned just how much water can pour from a broken pipe, but you might not know how quickly small leaks add up. Just one drip every ten seconds will turn into a gallon of water in just a day! You don’t want to deal with the damage this can cause.

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