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When Does a Kitchen Sink Require Professional Help?


The humble kitchen sink does a tremendous amount of work in your home. You may not think about it very often … until it’s causing a problem. Suddenly, you realize just how critical it is and how much you require from it! 

Most of the time, it works without any special attention from you. And sometimes, you can clear up a small problem yourself. But there are times when your kitchen sink needs the help that only a professional plumber can offer. What kitchen sink problems should have you booking professional kitchen plumbing services in Hatboro, PA?

Stubborn Clogs

This is a frustrating problem. The sink won’t drain, and now you’re trying to avoid dipping your pasta pot or drinking glass in dirty dish water when you need to fill it. A sink plunger—not your toilet plunger!—can sometimes help. They are smaller than a toilet plunger but work the same way, using pressure to dislodge a blockage. A drain snake is another good option, and you can purchase a hand-cranked model at a hardware store. But what if, after all that, your sink still doesn’t drain properly?

Do not reach for the chemical drain cleaner! These products are extremely caustic and can damage your plumbing. They’re also a hazard for people and pets. And any help they do seem to provide will be short-lived. Instead, a plumber can use motorized drain snakes or even high-pressure water jets to clear out your plumbing without caustic chemicals or any other safety risks.

Disposal Problems

If you have a garbage disposal in your sink, any problems it encounters should be addressed by a professional. Never put your hand in the disposal, even if you think it’s completely turned off. Though they don’t contain spinning blades as many people believe, they do contain fast-moving parts and can cause serious injury. If you’ve tried resetting it with the switch at the bottom, you’ve done as much as you should. A plumber can diagnose and repair the problem or install a new disposal if necessary.

Sink Stink

The kitchen can be a source of a lot of odors. Some of them are delightful (cinnamon buns baking?) but many of them are not (yesterday’s fish-frying odor). If you’ve cleaned your sink and you still notice an unpleasant smell rising from it, it’s time for a plumber. Matter trapped in the pipe from long-ago meals can be addressed by the drain cleaning methods mentioned above. But there’s also a risk that the odor is caused by blocked sewer vents, allowing sewer gas to bubble up through your sink. This is a health hazard, so don’t delay in getting the help you need to address it.

Unsealed Edges

Around the outer edge of a sink, there is sealant to prevent water from leaking down into the cabinet below. If that seal has degraded, a plumber can reseal your sink, preventing damage to the surrounding area.

Lost Valuables

If something precious, like an engagement ring, or precious to you, like your child’s very first lost tooth, has gone down the drain, we’re happy to help! Simply stop running the water and leave the sink alone until a plumber can retrieve your treasure for you.

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