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Want Help with Your Water Heater Efficiency?

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We’ve officially reached the coldest point of the year. Your lips are perpetually chapped, those thick socks you have only leave your feet when you hop in the shower to bathe, and you’re just… cold. You’re cold all the time and your heater is working tirelessly to keep you warm. What about your water heater though?

This isn’t the time of year where a cool shower can be refreshing. Instead, you’re cranking up that warm water even when you’re just washing your hands. If you’ve started to notice that your water heater efficiency is taking a decline, then you should schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers in Montgomery County, PA. We’re here to help you out.

How to Help Your Water Heater Efficiency

So let’s answer that question that we posed in the title. How can you help your home’s water heater? Here are a few ways:

Invest in a New Water Heater

Sometimes you have to face the music and realize that your water heater might be ready to go. Your water heater isn’t going to have an infinite lifespan. After a couple of decades with you, you might need to upgrade this unit. A clear sign of this is that your home’s water heater doesn’t perform the way it used to. You might notice a dip in power or efficiency but way of high water bills.

The last thing you should do when this occurs is try to power through it. A bad water heater is going to negatively impact your home. We’re here to help you make the switch when necessary.

Consider Going Tankless

Have you ever considered going tankless before? If you have a classic tank water heater that you’ve struggled with for years, you might want to consider going tankless instead. Sometimes, the needs of your home just don’t align with tankless water heater systems. You can get more hot water from a classic tankless system and you can save money with one of these units too. Contact one of our professionals to talk about the initial investment.

Flush Your Heater Regularly

If you have a tank water heater, you should flush this system on a regular basis. Sediment naturally builds up at the bottom of your water heater tank with time. A flushing allows a professional to clear all of this out. If you leave the sediment where it is, it’s going to decrease the power of your water heater and even hurt its lifespan in the process.

Flushing is a type of maintenance that’s specifically for tank systems, but your tankless unit can benefit from maintenance too. Contact our professionals for all the work you need.

Turn Down Your Thermostat

Your water heater has a thermostat and it’s typically set to 140-degrees. Although this is the average setting in most homes, you don’t have to set your home’s thermostat to this temperature. 120-degrees can really do the trick if you’re struggling to get efficiency water heater service.

Contact Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc. today to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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