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Watch for These Signs That You May Need to Replace Your Water Heater Soon


It’s always best to have some advance warning when you’re going to need to plan for something like replacing a major household appliance. It’s stressful when something breaks down unexpectedly! Water heaters are easy to ignore until something obvious goes wrong, but you should remember they’re there and check on them from time to time. Water heater replacement doesn’t have to catch you by surprise. Keep an eye on these things so you’ll know when to start planning for a new water heater.

The Age of Your Water Heater

It may not seem like it’s been that long, but double check. When did you purchase your water heater? A tank water heater typically only lasts for eight to twelve years. If you have a tankless model, you can expect a longer lifetime. They help you recoup the higher initial cost of a tankless system by lasting up to twenty years. Make a mental note of what year your water heater will likely need replacement. Now you won’t be shocked by its age creeping up on you. This will only be an estimate, however. Many things other than age affect the well-being of a water heater, and there are signs to watch for.

Water Heater Maintenance

Have you been getting a plumber to perform water heater maintenance? Or have you left your water heater to its own devices since you first had it installed? Maintenance can make it so that your water heater lasts longer, helping it achieve that full estimated lifespan or even beyond. It also reduces the likelihood that repairs will be needed and improves the efficiency of the system. Furthermore, your plumber will be able to recognize early symptoms of problems and catch them before they do extensive damage.

Lack of Hot Water

Whether the hot water is running out faster, or it never seems quite as hot as it used to, lack of hot water is definitely a sign that something is wrong. In a young water heater with many years of service ahead of it, even a major repair might be a worthwhile investment. If your water heater is reaching old age, replacement is likely the better option.


You never want to see puddles growing below your water heater. Again, if your water heater is relatively new, repairs are a great option. A new water heater’s leaks are likely the result of piping or connections needing to be tightened or replaced. But if your water heater is getting up there in years, it becomes more likely that the reason for the leak is actually a very big problem.


When water heater parts start to rust through, leaks can occur. Other signs include discoloration or rust flakes in your hot water and visible corrosion on your water heater. If rust is limited to minor components, you may be able to have them replaced before the corrosion spreads to the whole system. But if the tank of your storage water heater is rusting, you need to get ready to replace it and schedule water heater installation in Doylestown, PA

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