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6 Symptoms of a Heater in Need of Repair


Everyone has their own area of expertise. Perhaps you can always tell what’s wrong with a recipe and can adjust it to make the food delicious. Maybe you are a whiz at auto repair, and just hearing the sound of the engine can tell you there’s a problem, and maybe even give you a clue about what the problem is.

But most of us aren’t experts at the symptoms a heater exhibits when it’s feeling under the weather. The good news is that you can learn how to spot the signs of heater trouble early, so repairs can be made before major breakdowns occur.

1: Strange Noises

Although heaters should make some noise, it should never be sudden or alarming. You should reach out for heating repair in Horsham, PA if you hear an unexpected noise like a clatter, crash, or buzz, or a sound called “kettling” if you have a boiler (imagine the angry bubbling sound of an overheated kettle). 

2: Strange Smells

At the start of the heating season, there may be a hot, dry odor of burning dust when you first start up your heater. This should pass in an hour or so and is not cause for alarm. (It is a good time to remind you to change your air filter, though, as this might help!) If there are other odors, it’s important to get professional attention immediately. There’s a chance you’re smelling a gas leak, which is extremely dangerous.

3: Insufficient Heat

No matter how cold the winter gets, your heater should be able to keep up with it. There’s no reason to suffer through cold winter nights thinking that it’s just too cold for your heater to keep the house warm. A repair can make all the difference, so you never have to sleep in hat and mittens again.

4: Inconsistent Heat

If your home’s temperature varies widely even though you haven’t adjusted the thermostat, or if parts of your home never get quite warm enough even though other areas are perfectly cozy, this is a problem that can be fixed. A technician can diagnose the exact cause and get your home consistently, evenly warm for you.

5: Increased Utility Usage

If your bills are going up even when your heat isn’t being used more, it’s time for repairs. Without maintenance, a heater will lose efficiency over time. Some adjustments, cleaning, and lubrication of the inner workings could bring that efficiency back up and your bills back down. 

6: Short Cycling

Your heater turns on when the thermostat registers that your home’s temperature has dropped below a certain threshold. Once it turns on, the cycle should run for ten to fifteen minutes before shutting off. If you hear your heater starting and stopping every couple of minutes, it’s a symptom of a problem that needs repair. And not only that, the short cycling itself will cause more problems. For one thing, it causes extra wear and tear on the system. For another, the startup is the part of the cycle that uses the most energy, so it will cause your utility bills to go up.

If you notice one of these problems, or if something else is going on with your heater that doesn’t seem quite right, don’t wait! A repair now can save you from a total breakdown in the middle of a freezing Pennsylvania January night.

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