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Is This a Plumbing Emergency?


Most homeowners are not plumbers. The average person is probably capable of plunging a clogged toilet and tightening the bolts on a loose fixture, but not much more. This is perfectly reasonable! There are so many fields of knowledge in the world that we can’t possibly be experts at everything. And just as you would see a doctor for a medical emergency, you can always reach out to a plumber for a plumbing emergency. But we may have a much clearer idea of what constitutes a medical emergency. If there’s a problem with your plumbing, how do you determine whether it’s an actual emergency?

First and foremost, it’s better to be safe than sorry. With plumbing issues, water damage can be devastating to your home if a problem is left unaddressed. If you’re unsure, and you think you might need emergency plumbing in West Chester, PA, you should contact us right away.

But we can also provide some information here that will help you determine what you should definitely consider an emergency and address immediately.

If You Experience Flooding

If a fixture or pipe bursts, breaks, or overflows, you’ve definitely got an emergency on your hands. Shut off the water to the fixture if possible, or shut off the main valve that supplies water to your home. Reach out for emergency plumbing. While you wait for your plumber to arrive, soak up as much water as you can so that it can’t soak into your subfloor or other structures of your home.

If Your Pipes Freeze

Anyone who lives long enough in a place that has freezing winter temperatures has probably seen the aftermath of frozen pipes bursting. The first sign you’re likely to spot is water flow decreasing to a trickle or stopping altogether, so if this occurs during particularly cold weather, frozen pipes are likely the cause. Do not try to warm them yourself! This can actually accelerate the problem and cause the pipe to burst faster. Call for emergency plumbing services right away.

If Your Water Stops Running

If you don’t get any water at all when you turn on the taps anywhere in your house, this may seem like the very definition of a plumbing emergency. However, there are a couple of things you can look into yourself first. Check the main shut-off valve. Perhaps it has been inadvertently closed. If not, and you’re on a municipal water system, check with your town to see if there’s a wider problem, or check with your neighbors to see if they are also affected. If you can’t determine another cause, however, it is time for emergency plumbing services.

If You Don’t Know Where Your Shut-Off Valve Is

We’ve repeatedly mentioned this valve, but you can only use it if you can find it! It’s located inside your home, most likely on the wall facing the street if you have municipal water. If you have a well, it will probably be as close to that as possible. If you still can’t find it, check the property inspection report you were given when you purchased your home. Of course, if you still have questions, our team is happy to help.

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