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7 Common Winter Heating Problems

When winter rolls around you can expect a few things. The short list probably includes cold weather, warm nights spent snuggled up indoors, and hopefully some holiday cheer. What you shouldn’t expect every winter is a heating issue.

Now, even if you take care of your heating system to the best of your ability, sometimes things are going to go a little off. Just because unfortunate occurrences happen in your home, doesn’t mean that you have to go it alone. Our professionals are here when you want quality care. We can help you out. Call us for your heating services in Montgomery County, PA.

Watch Out for These Issues

Here are the 7 signs of heating trouble that you should watch out for this winter. If you notice any of these problems or a combination of a few, it means that it’s time to call us.

1.      Your System Won’t Turn Off

Your heater runs all day long, but it never seems to turn off. The second it does, your home isn’t warm anymore. This is likely a team up of a failing heater and a poorly insulated home. We can help you navigate this problem.

2.      Your System Won’t Turn On

Your thermostat is a little off, so your heater won’t turn on when you want it to. Even when you go over to your unit and crank the setting up high, the system still doesn’t turn on. An unresponsive heater is a bad sign. We can fix the issue.

3.      Thermostat Inaccuracies

Your thermostat says it’s warm in your home, but the goosebumps on your arms tell a different story. Thermostat inaccuracies are a sign that you have a failing heater. We’re here to help you through this.

4.      Cool Air

You find yourself running your heater for exceptionally long periods of time or even turning your thermostat up to sky high temperatures. These actions are working around heater inefficiency. Have your heater work properly with the care of a professional.

5.      Low Airflow

Your heater doesn’t seem to work well anymore. You put your hand up near the vents and notice that what once was a strong stream of warm air has now reduced to a trickle. We’re here to help you get the service you need.

6.      High Amounts of Dust

Have you noticed that you’re dusting your home more often than you ever had before? Has this uptick in dust coincided with the winter season? Your heater is the culprit. The heater that you have at home can circulate dust on an endless loop if it isn’t healthy.

7.      Mold

Have you noticed high levels of mold in your home? This is a bad sign. Mold means that your heater is unhealthy and needs professional care.

8.      High Heating Bills

You shouldn’t have high heating bills at home. If you do and your heating is the same as its always been, then what you’re paying for is inefficiency. Don’t settle for this for long.

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