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How to Avoid a Frozen Pipe

Montgomery County winters are something to look forward to. There’s lots of holiday cheer, hot cocoa, and snow on the ground. Although winter is many people’s favorite season for many great reasons, you might run into problems with your plumbing. Extreme weather conditions can quickly affect your home’s plumbing. We’re here to help.

The most common problem that you face during this time is a frozen pipe. If you’ve never had a frozen pipe in our area, you’re incredibly lucky. A frozen pipe is such a problem because it disrupts the flow of your entire home and it can quickly lead to a pipe burst. We’re going to help you avoid this during this winter. If you run into this issue, then you can come to us for your plumbing in Montgomery County, PA.

Frozen Pipe to a Pipe Burst… It’s More Likely Than You Think

We mentioned this in our intro, but we’d like to expand on it here. Frozen pipes are such an issue because it’s an express train to water damage in your home.

When a pipe freezes, the water within the pipe begins to expand. As this happens, there’s pressure put on the entire surface area of your pipe. If your pipe is already in bad shape, it’s bound to crack, and if the water has the opportunity to settle back into a liquid, you’re going to experience a leak.

Plumbing issues move fast and quickly lead to water damage. That’s why it’s best to avoid problems like this altogether. We’re here to help you do this below…

How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

These are a few things you can do to avoid frozen pipes in your home this winter.

1.      Let High Risk Faucets Drip

If you’ve had trouble with a frozen pipe before, you might feel like the freezing is inevitable. This isn’t true. Find where this specific pipe leads and let a little water drip from this faucet during the high risk times. High risk times would be during the evening, night, and the even during the morning.

2.      Keep Your Home Warm

We know that it’s cold out here and you might turn your heating down overnight. You can avoid a great deal of plumbing trouble by making sure that your home doesn’t dip below about 55 degrees no matter what time of day it is.

3.      Open Interior Doors

Open up the doors underneath your cabinets so that they can be exposed to warm air. This is going to decrease the likelihood that these pipes freeze this season.

4.      Close Your Garage Door

Keeping your garage door open during this time of year lets in too much cold air. Keep it closed as often as possible.

5.      Insulate Your Pipes

Just like we stated in point number one, frozen pipes aren’t inevitable. If you have pipes that always freeze or you have pipes in cold parts of your home that you’re just worried about, you can insulate them. Your local hardware store will have great pipe insulation. You can come to our local professionals for recommendations.

Call Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc. for your plumbing needs this winter.

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