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7 Tips to Help Your Heater

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We’ve finally reached March. You can see the finish line ahead that is spring. The light stretches on longer and later into the evening, the morning chill isn’t as harsh, and you’re anticipating spring on the horizon. Our reality right now is still very wintery. You wouldn’t dare leave the house without a nice layer of outerwear.

If you’ve noticed that this winter has been a little hard on your home’s heater, then you need to help your HVAC in Pottstown, PA. This is why we want to help you get better heating service with our tips. There are some easy ways to help your home improve your home’s heating.

Easy Ways to Help Your Heater

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind for the rest of the winter season:

1.      Use Your Ceiling Fan

Yes, you can actually use your ceiling fan to help heat your home.

The best thing you can do is to flip the switch on your ceiling fan so it’s flowing in the opposite direction. The helps your ceiling fan collect the heat that naturally accumulates at the top of your room and bring it down to your living space.

2.      Get Yourself a New Thermostat

If you don’t have a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat at home, then you’re not getting the best service possible. These thermostats work for you and help you improve your home’s energy-efficiency, overall comfort, and they even help you save yourself some money too.

3.      Maintain Your Heater

Heating maintenance helps your heater perform better. It’s like your heater’s version of studying and getting a good night’s rest before a big exam. Don’t skip out on this!

4.      Open Your Blinds

Opening up your blinds to let in a little natural light is one of the best ways to help your heater. This naturally raises the temperature in your home and helps you get warmer with less effort. Make sure that you’re doing this during the brightest points of the day.

5.      Insulate Your Home

A home without proper insulation is a home that’s not getting heated to the best of its ability. It’s like running your heater with the front and back door wide open. Don’t let your temperature control efforts be in vain. Invest in weatherstripping, caulking, and even attic insulation.

6.      Change Your Air Filter

Make sure that your changing your HVAC system’s air filter at least once a season. This is the easiest way to help prepare to run. We suggest that you change your filter once every three months.

7.      Clear It Up

It’s common to push things in front of your home’s vents. This can happen during times of the year where you’re relying on your HVAC systems a lot less. If you made this mistake during fall, then it’s time for you to fix it now. Just make sure that you don’t have any large pieces of furniture, tapestries, or paintings hanging it front of a vent.

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