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It’s Time to Wrap Things Up With Your Heater

Spring is here! The flowers are going to bloom soon, you’re cleaning up and clearing out your home, and you’re getting candy for Easter and thinking ahead to Mother’s Day. We want you to enjoy spring. Before you do this though, you should make sure that things are tied up with your heater.

You don’t want to get ahead of yourself when it comes to your home comfort. Wrapping up your home heating needs means that you’re primed and ready for fall and winter next year. We’re of the mindset that there’s never such a thing as being overprepared when it comes to your home. If you’re trying to get your heating in Montgomery County, PA in shape, then you can rely on us.

Pay Attention To These Signs of Future Trouble

The name of the game here is preparation. A key part of being prepared relies on being observant too. So, let’s start off with a little game called “Did You Notice Any of the Following in Your Home this Winter?”

  • Irregular Cycles: Irregular cycling could look like your home’s heater running in short, incomplete cycles or long cycles that tend to last all day. Irregular cycling is bad news because it means that your heater isn’t reaching its peak efficiency. Don’t discount this as a minor issue, it’s a major one!
  • High Energy Bills: High energy bills are bad news however they happen. They’re especially bad if you haven’t run your home’s heater in a way that’s different than how you normally would. If you notice something like this, it’s also a sign that your efficiency is suffering.
  • Low Comfort: You just weren’t warm enough all winter. You’ve got quite the sweater and blanket collection now because you had to overcompensate for how cold it was in your home. Your heater should be able to do the job, if it can’t then you’re going to need professional assistance.
  • Poor IAQ: Poor indoor air quality might look like things you’re used to like sneezing, coughing, and other respiratory issues. A unique indoor air quality issue that’s unique to heating trouble is dust! Dust is a sign that you’ve got a cycling problem on your hands.  
  • Noise and Scent: Running your heater shouldn’t be too much of a sensory experience. If you start to notice new noises, loud noises, or even weird scents, this is definitely something to note. Something is going on with your system and you need a professional to sort it out.

So now for your prize: if you noticed any of the problems above happening in your home then you’ve got a brewing heating issue! We know… probably not the prize you wanted or even expected. The good news is that we have professionals to handle the issue and you’re at the perfect time of the year to handle this problem too. Knocking out a heating problem during spring means that you can rest easy all spring and summer knowing that you’re prepared for winter again.

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