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Is Your Heater Ready for Winter?

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You know what winter is Montgomery County is like—cold! This is why you need to make sure that your heater is ready for the winter ahead of you. If you want a great heater, it’s time for you to schedule an appointment with our professionals for your maintenance appointment. Maintenance really is necessary. We know that it’s something that you might want to overlook from time to time, but we’re here to bring it to the forefront of your mind.

If you’re looking for great heating maintenance in Montgomery County, PA we’re going to be the ones to provide it for you. Make sure that you have the best heating work possible. It’s going to be a long winter and we want you to stay warm in there!

Why You Need Maintenance

Are you wondering it’s necessary for you to schedule an appointment for maintenance? Here are a few reasons why you should schedule an appointment for maintenance this year and every year after that:

Better Heating Lifespan

You want your heater to last you a long time, right? Your heater can last you about 15-20 years but it’s not going to be able to make it this long if you don’t service your home’s heater on a regular basis. This is why you should invest in your home’s heater every single year. It’s going to benefit you for years to come.

Better Heating

We know that you want to stay warm this winter. If you want to remain assured that your heater can provide for you during the winter months, we’re going to provide you with the right heating work to make this a reality.

Reduced Energy Bills

You want to save money on your heating bills, right? Pennsylvania gets pretty cold at the peak of the winter. You’re going to spend long hours running your home’s heater. We know that your heating expenses really add up during the colder months. You want to save money where you can. Maintenance can actually help you do this. We know that so many people think of this as an unnecessary expense. This really isn’t the case though. It’s worthwhile.

Maintenance is always worthwhile. If you want to take your maintenance seriously, you should keep reading below to learn about our maintenance plan.

Our Maintenance Plan

Are you ready to enroll in our maintenance our plan? We have the best maintenance plan around in the area. It’s going to keep your heater running this summer and every winter after that. Here’s what our maintenance plan includes:

  • A multi-point HVAC tune-up
  • A same-day service and preferential scheduling
  • A 3-year warranty on HVAC system parts and labor
  • Discounted pricing for plumbing and HVAC maintenance
  • Early identification of possible issues leading to proactive services

Our maintenance plan is the best way to keep your home in great shape. You can save yourself money and allow your heater to last longer.

Contact Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc. today to schedule an appointment with our professionals for heating maintenance.

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