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Prep Your Plumbing for Cold Weather


What are a few things that are guaranteed from a Montgomery, PA winter? We’re sure that you’d probably say cold weather, our fair share of snow days, and warm nights snuggled up inside. These are all true. You know what’s also guaranteed if you don’t take care of your plumbing system before the weather drops off? Plumbing problems!

We can help you avoid this. If you’re looking for plumbing services in Montgomery County, PA then we’re here to provide them for you. We want you to know that you can rely on us. We know that your home’s plumbing problems can be quite concerning. Call us for exactly what you need.

How to Get Your Plumbing Ready

Here are a few signs that your plumbing system needs a little help before the weather cools off:

1.      Take a Look Around Your Home

So let’s start with the basics here—it’s important to walk around your home and assess everything before you even lift a finger to address your home’s plumbing system. Take a little walk-around and see if there are any visible signs of wear and tear with your plumbing system. You need to look out for things like cracks, gapping, or any other poor signs of insulation. Weak points can cause your pipes to freeze.

2.      Open Your Cabinets

You need to open those cabinets underneath your sink. It’s really easy for these closed off spaces to get much colder than the rest of your home. This is how you end up with a frozen pipe. Take the time to open up these cabinets especially at night. It’s going to ensure that your home has warm air circulating all throughout your home. The warm air can’t reach your home behind closed doors.

3.      Insulate Your Pipes

It’s always a great idea to add a little insulation to your pipes. We face freezing cold weather in Montgomery County, PA. You need to make sure your pipes don’t freeze up under the pressure. Run out to your local hardware store and get yourself a little pipe insulation.  

4.      Run a Little Water in High-Risk Areas

Have you had pipes in certain parts of your home that have frozen in the past? Do these pipes seem to freeze no matter what you do? You need to allow a little trickle of water to run through your home’s plumbing system. This minimal amount of movement through your home’s plumbing system can ensure that your pipes don’t freeze. We know it’s not the most energy-efficient practice, but the drip will help keep your home in great shape.

5.      Call Us for Heating Service

Are you thinking, “Wait…? I thought we were talking about plumbing systems here…” We are! You need a working heating system to ensure that your plumbing system doesn’t freeze. Think about it—if your heater gave out even for a couple days, your plumbing system would suffer. Don’t start a domino effect of home comfort problems. Call our professionals instead.

Contact Platinum Plumbing & Heating today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. Serving Montgomery County since 2001.

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