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Listen for These Warning Sounds of Heater Problems


If you’re not a trained, qualified, experienced heating technician, it can be hard to tell when something starts to go wrong with your heating system. But the best way to keep problems small is to catch them as early as possible! How can you tell that your heating system is starting to encounter an issue, so you can have it fixed before it gets worse? Just listen for these sounds.


When a gas heater starts, a small amount of gas is released, and then it ignites. This makes a small whump noise. But if too much gas is released before ignition, the sudden combustion of the extra gas makes a booming sound. This is a waste of fuel, which drives up your utility bills, and it puts extra wear and tear on the system.


This might be something as simple as a loose screw allowing a panel to vibrate, or a fan spinning slightly off-kilter. But if the loosening continues until a component breaks free, it can fly into other parts of your heating system and cause expensive damage. Get heating repair in Conshohocken, PA before that happens.


Electrical current can make a sound like angry bees, and it indicates a serious problem. Electrical issues can cause shocks, fire, and very costly repercussions to your whole heating system. Don’t ignore this sign that your safety and your heater are at risk.


While this sound may be caused by something minor, it can also be a major warning sign if you have a gas furnace, especially if you hear it at the end of the heating cycle, as the system starts to cool down. It could indicate a crack in the heat exchanger, the component which encloses the combustion gasses and keeps the air you breathe safe from carbon monoxide contamination. Get it checked out immediately.


A furnace blows warmed air through your ductwork to distribute it throughout your home, and to do this, it needs a strong fan, and a blower motor to power it. Bearings keep this motor moving smoothly, and they are thoroughly lubricated when you have annual maintenance done. Excess wear and tear or lack of lubrication can cause these bearings to wear down and groan. Have the bearings replaced so the motor won’t be permanently damaged.


A whistle in your HVAC system is caused by air being forced through a small opening that shouldn’t be there. Whether it’s in the furnace itself or in your ductwork, it needs to be addressed to keep the pressure in the system even and to avoid a costly waste of energy.

Use Your Intuition

We’ve mentioned some of the most common furnace noises here, but you should keep in mind that any unexpected noise is cause for concern. When your furnace is running well, ideally after you’ve had maintenance done, listen to the sounds of smooth operation. Then, when you hear anything other than that, you’ll know you should reach out for help.

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