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5 Ways to Manage and Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

The weather is starting to cool off and you’re about to start spending more time indoors. If you’re spending more time at home, we’re sure that you want to be as comfortable and as healthy as you possibly can be. We understand this, and it’s why we do our best to make sure that we give you the tools to improve your indoor air quality. 

We make sure we send out experts into the field with it comes to your indoor air quality in Montgomery County, PA. we’re going to give you a few suggestions of things that can do below, but if you need a higher level of assistance, then we want to help you. Let’s chat below…

How to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Here are a few things we’d like you to try when you realize that your home’s indoor air quality is suffering. 

  1. Change Your HVAC Filter

The first thing you need to do is change your home’s HVAC filter. Your HVAC systems have a filter that keeps the system clean and allows it to run to the best of its ability. While it’s designed to keep most of the dust and debris out of the way of your home’s heater or air conditioner, it’s also in place so that you can prevent certain contaminants from roaming freely throughout your home. Make sure that you have a fresh filter in place to get things right. 

  1. Get Yourself an Air Filtration System

Outside of your HVAC system’s filter, you’d also be doing yourself a favor by getting yourself an air filter. Air filters and air purifiers are the systems that you need if you’re looking for great indoor air quality services. We’ll help you match yourself to what’s right for you. 

  1. Check In with Your Ducts

You’re going to need to check in with your ducts as well. Have you noticed that you’re struggling to get your ducts to perform for you? You might notice particles floating through the air, weird sounds, or low output. This is typically a duct issue and you can handle it with the following services:

  • Cleaning: Sometimes there are lots of contaminants in your ducts. If this is the case, it’s important to clean out these ducts and improve your IAQ.
  • Sealing: Do you have any leaks or gaps in your ducts? You’re going to need to patch these up to get better results. We can help.
  1. Balance Your Humidity

Make sure that your home’s humidity is balanced between 30% and 50%. If your humidity doesn’t sit in between these two goal posts, then it’s probably time for you to get yourself a humidifier or dehumidifier. We’ll help you find the proper one. 

  1. Keep It Clean

Make sure that you’re keeping your home as clean as possible. Cleaning, mopping, and dusting are imperative if you want to keep the particles floating around your home to a minimum. This should be something that you’re doing routinely to keep things in proper shape.

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